sunny strader:
artist! based in
los angeles + illinois

I make art to heal myself and others.


Sunny Strader (b. 1991) is a photographic artist based in both Los Angeles and Illinois.

Sunny makes work that examines the emotional nuances of people who are often overlooked. She was most recently named a winner of the Magenta Flash Forward award and a finalist for the Lucie Book Prize.

What I do:

Long-form storytelling, slow journalism, immersive documentary, portraiture,  zines, collage, and (very recently) screenwriting. 

I also teach photography to at-risk youth.

Publications, clients:

NPR, Instagram, Aint-Bad, Axios, Bird In Flight, The Daily Beast, Dunkin Donuts, Glamchop, Instagram, Strange Fire Collective.

Portrait by Brian Austin, 2019.

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