I make art to heal myself and others.


Sunny Strader (b. 1991) is a photographic artist who splits her time between Los Angeles and Danville, Illinois.

Sunny photographs people. Themes in her work include mortality, dreams, and the millennial condition. She's most recently won the Magenta Foundation Flash Forward award, and included on ArtPil's 30 Under 30 Women Photographers list.

What I do:

Long-form storytelling, slow journalism, immersive documentary, portraiture, zines, collage, and filmmaking (films to be released here in March 2020).

I also teach photography to at-risk youth.

Publications, clients:

NPR, Instagram, Aint-Bad, Axios, Bird In Flight, The Daily Beast, Dunkin Donuts, Glamchop, Instagram, Strange Fire Collective.

Portrait by Brian Austin, 2019.

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