What’s in a high school archive?

I was in Danville last week when my dad encouraged me to go into the basement of our family home and look through my photographic archive from high school. I’ve done this before, but this time I was looking for early indications that I was going to pursue a career in documentary arts.

During high school, I compulsively wrote in my journal - sometimes three times a day - though I can’t quite bring myself to read through them yet. I know I often wrote something along the lines of “I’m writing down all these details from the party last night because I never ever want to forget them!” 

The disposable cameras let me relax from memorizing details about scenes… I just had to snap and then I could return to being present in the moment.  And it was effective, because I remember everything that was happening in these images. 

This is a curated selection of thousands of images I took from 2006-2010. I picked these based on how vivid the memories were. Like these:

My best friend Bridgett and gathered bunch of gifts from our respective ex-boyfriends and buried in the park in her neighborhood. Someone called the police. It was thrilling and funny and something I would have forgotten about otherwise.

There were other images from a the “summer of alliteration” in 2007, when my friends labeled each day of the week as a day we’d convene. There was Movie Monday, Trailblazing Tuesday, Water Wednesday, Ultimate Frisbee Friday… But these memories are precious and somehow live better in my head than in the photos. 

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