sunny strader:
based in LA

Photographing other Artists

A light way to stay sharp is to photograph the other creative people who live and work in Los Angeles. Seemingly everyone is trying to make stuff, which is precisely what makes Los Angeles a lovely and difficult place to live. But when I photograph other artists, for a moment it feels like we’re all in the fight together. 

When I saw Austin Antoine perform in a hot yoga studio during Echo Park Rising last month, I knew we’d have to work together. He rapped and sang about being ‘professionally broke’ (word), millennialisms, existential dread, and vices. I felt seen! We set up a time to shoot in Boyle Heights an hour before he kicked off his cross-country tour. I think he’s in DC right now.

The sequence of three images here might seem like some intentional experiment, but really it’s because the curtain on my 1959 6x6 camera is sticking again. It’s my favorite and least reliable camera. Sometimes I fantasize about a bunch of money falling in my lap so I can replace it. 

Another artist, Mashael, contacted me via this website. She is an MFA student at USA, studying screen and television writing. In her second year, she’s come to realize some new portraits might serve her well in her professional endeavors. She is 22 and from Saudi Arabia. 

Lastly is my friend Jess, whom I assist on editorial and commercial shoots sometimes. These were taken at her house on a day when we weren’t working, we were just drinking champagne and talking about death and tarot.

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