Living in Los Angeles has caused me to become a bit introverted when looking for some one to photograph — so many people here reject my request to make their portrait. And so many people are walking around with cameras trying to do the same thing as me. But Wyoming restored me. The residents are friendly and direct. They are curious about the camera.

This trip was something I’d been looking forward to for a long while because it was a trip planned on my own volition. I spent four days with my best friend Sally in Laramie. Sally is a writer and an MFA candidate at the University of Wyoming. She also rewires lamps, sews, and curates spaces with an intensely psychological method.

We went to the Laramie County Fair, Veedawoo, and spoke candidly with dozens of people. Here is a selection of images that sort of sum up my stay in Laramie, aka Laradise. 

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